Bitcoin bull run coming?

What’s up guys welcome back to the channel where we talked about crypto blockchain into this video will be focusing on bitcoin to see what we can expect in the next few months but before we go into the video make sure you click the subscribe button to stay up-to-date with all the videos coming out so as you can see the entire market is covered by red with seeing a lot of the kind of a couple of ethereum based tokens are seeing a bit of a bounce for example binance coin bitcoin itself is 3.9 k at the moment so let’s dive into some music which will show us exactly what the landscape is going into 2019 the first article is from cointelegraph nasdaq’s bitcoin futures will launch in first half of 2019 this is a huge step for bitcoin there was a lot of speculation as to whether nasdaq will decide to list discount futures and it turns out it will happen the world’s second largest stock exchange nasdaq has confirmed its plans to launch bitcoin futures in the first half of 2017 christian told the express that the stock.

Rocket giant has been eyeing the crypt of space for years and has been working on its bitcoin futures for the most of 2018 he added with a hell of a lot of money and energy into delivering the ability to do this and we’ve been all over it for a long time before the market went into turmoil and that will not affect the timing of this in any way now. we’re doing this no matter what are some really nice insights from christian especially these guys have been working on this product for the majority of 2018 and as we all know the 2018 year hasn’t been the greatest for the crypto space but it flew really quickly and we’re actually one month away from 2019 to ballon d’or bitcoin futures by nasdaq is a great step for bitcoin and also the entire space the next article is from current telegraph and it’s from yesterday because of surpass what time price high by end of 2019 says or any ceo so again another article which.

Lights to what’s going to happen next year and everyone in the space seems to be bullish on the next year it’s safe to say that 2018 is a is a year to forget for cryptocurrency markets so the ceo of japanese fintech firm accrued exchange of operator believes bitcoin will surpass it all time highs by end of next year so the ceo stated that wears many hats are cool. 4000 as a tactical bottom for bitcoin this winter the top coin hack fails to how’s the market during the recent set up that says he added when you look at the historical persons and where things are going i think the bottom is near as we will know we went below 4000 and in terms of my prediction i have to admit couple of months ago i was really bullish on the end of this year i was hoping for a spiked up in price by as we know that’s not going to happen so i think we’re going to hit free points uk before and moving on to next year and next year might be there while we rebuild the price of many cryptocurrencies including bitcoin the third article 50.

It’s from forbes bitcoin will regain its dominance in the cryptocurrency markets in 2019 again 2019 is all over the news outlets news websites for cryptocurrencies everyone seems to be very bullish on the next year so they also called bitcoin in the people whose currency and the thing that’s it will regain its market demands in the next year but the reason behind the statement is that these guys swing by the end of 2019 nickel reclaim need two-thirds of the crypto-currency market capitalization as old coins lose their last because of growing risk aversion amongst cryptocurrency investors says report moberly financial regulators will something that stands to was the sector 7 guys are actually referring to not the price itself at the dominance of bitcoin over everything else on the market as we know sec has been chasing ico’s for the past few weeks that really kicks off the campaign to get rid of scams in the space which will also help in the long run but what.

Plan is to have a fine line between regulation and i was so space for innovators to work with you can’t have too much regulation because people will not be able to innovate so we’ll see how that develops over the next few months but i have to agree ico’s have been a wild west which was scaring investors away on together the entire ico space had to be put down those relation no regulation that two people could open ico’s whenever they wanted to they could have a capital based on ideas they had which was mostly just plain lies so sec is stepping up their case against ico’s which would help the bitcoin dominance in the long run i don’t want to end the video by featuring a tweet from krypton runs if you haven’t already make sure you follow him he’s a great chartist and a go-to person when it comes to ta on price analysis so he sounds on bitcoin short sam and medium time is basically he has to wait until the fighter dropped to 3.7 k range until the price breaks up.

The falling wedge which is strong blow with a highlight the bull volume so again if we break and there’s enough volume by the boost it doesn’t matter it will go down anyway i will need some volume from the bus and then we can turn bullish when is falling wedge until 3.6 k level 2 let’s see how the situation develops of the next few weeks of the next few days but crypt around is def need to go to a person when it comes to price on alice’s so do you think bitcoin will spark again in 2019 will 2019 be the year where we see loads of rebuilding on a car what’s the price nan niggga bitcoin but for all cryptocurrencies let me know your stance on the next year will it live one month away so it’s happening very soon visit for today this was just a quick update about bitcoin and couple use to which way heading in going into 2019 i’ll see you in the next video.

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