Bitcoin mines betting!

Dog on guys welcome back to state the ones that never complete the classic wheel my favorite.

Bitcoin mines

Not but i’m generally they should fix that i mean i want to play it like soon preferably with bitcoin we have cuz 0.06 bitcoin mined today which is more than usual which is where technically $456.72 which is quite a lot of money today we can we try it out mines because i realized we can do predictive mind betting all right so stick with me here 20 games of $5 let’s choose the squares we want to pay i guess i don’t know i’ll pick where we think there would be any mines customary 3 mines let’s try that again let’s reset back to 20 because i messed up here we go 3 2 1 go that’s enough for me just need the whole rope like bums just need to roast a wheel one-off okay that’s annoying come on dude to off.

5 games left please papa bless no games come on one more.

God damn it is this last one fuck 18 x 0.01 to bitcoin mining which is like i think is pretty cool you can kind of guessed always best.

Okay well i just hit again i didn’t mean to do that i meant to say hell yeah what i meant to do was to cancel this so i can just like i was at least you didn’t entire section that’s obviously not smart way to play like i’ve only had this quite a lot i don’t know we’ll see but i think baraboo navigate that’s 13.3 5x pretty simple a $5 bitcoin bet turn into 15 bucks a really risky set of plain coat that has never worked out for me before about going to go free watch me make $20 back to obviously if you guys knew since we want them to go as wide as possible this guy is going to super wide nevermind he went straight back to the middle that’s if 8k 0.02 bitcoin we need 1.9 miles in los verdes guys are going straight for the middle this is why i don’t like franco because a lot of them just go straight down the middle and i get fucked.

When i thought so too bad we need is one and that’s like $800 dude if it has a 420 that is like i thought we lost our money went back down to 0.06 bitcoin mines game of truck bed 3 2 1 phat highly doubt that is going to go all the way up to fucking a 10 x but you never know crazy things have definitely happened i’m waiting for the crash any second now okay okay nevermind alright i think that i should have told god dammit another one i want to see how often / 2x i’m kind of intrigued i see if we can hit up nevermind i thought we going to head to ex didn’t happen so far we have bet $45 on bitcoin mines and lost everything so much going for an easy 10x a hundred fifty bucks would be.

Okay 2.2 to write set too bad that big motor part that’s it almost over 2x needed to keep going straight up to a 10 x would be great 3x i could cash out now and come back and we just lost yo keep going i said goodbye goodbye cat was a pussy move by myself by i just wanted to regain what we just lost the k i could have probably gone to a text nevermind it’s whatever you know what let’s try some diamond poker i don’t feel like we do you know i’m saying let’s just see how i feel i guess so a bitcoin mines games $200 and total this is where we are going to make a lot of money or lose lonely here we go first game we won i’ll take it i think the moon.

Set we have a something the movie when the tide again gave his notice any money yet again i’ll take it.

Another one i’ll take a win dude hell yeah i did alright so far we got nevermind okay okay okay.

Yo okay this is not youtube app nevermind i lost god damn why not $25 i don’t didn’t tell ya i got 50 bitcoin mines bucks another title right even stevens give me a k that was a big loss while i have four sets of them bad boys okay another win i’ll take it way back up to where we were before that’s a lost okay this is like an up-and-down roller-coaster day haven’t won against last game we win this one hell yeah dude we’re up 0.072 what’s good i’m happy with that it do a blackjack game of the probably made so far is like 80 bucks let’s see if we win.

A 9 and a 99 spree so if i has a 10 i could double down on bitcoin mines do i double down and just balls to the wall you know i’m saying it just bulls fucking it fuck wait i’m so scared i think you guys are going to hate me i just everything what time is he double i just think it means you should probably double down but it doesn’t mean that i’m so stupid i don’t want down to i’m so dumb broke oh my god okay i’m not i’m actually kind of deal did not going to lie and now i’m on the wrong reasons i just tried again and this time i’ll be upset that’s a terrible card hit me.

Bitcoin mines algorithm

17717 pitney 18 and thanks to see if you would more than one arrest 913 pittman.

9 okay 18 okay this is what guy said i should split he has an ace do i split i don’t really know what i’m doing this is why i wanted to avoid like jack cuz i’m literally clueless.

Aluminum or fucking clue i’m just going to stand please.

Okay you know what if i.

I probably should have figured you guys going to kill me okay this is great.

19v is not going well so far we need to pray and he has to go to 10 which is really good for him.

Yes thank god dude we needed that we needed that dude oh my god right another one sooner right what’s up what’s good, what a crazzy bitcoin mines game.

16 that’s fucking so bad stand unless he busts of course what’s up pussy 19 there’s no way scott is where get the 20 i swear to god.

That’s why i asked him that’s good 20 yo in this bitcoin mines.

I’m going to stand 911.

Are you fucking kidding me really like really that’s what happens i swear to god if i lose two in a row now and he’s so triggered give me a hand now i’m going to be so pissed.


You want me to start seeing i’m going to have to hit and i have to hit if i don’t hit if i don’t win this i’m out i’m done i kind of like that 0.02 with myfitteds i cannot lose that.

That’s it we’re done we’re done well i tried you know what.

You win some and you definitely lose some if your name is juicy fruity hope you guys enjoyed watching how I played in bitcoin mines game.

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