Crypto is dead… rejoice! seriously, it’s a good thing for cryptocurrency

What is up hash nation crypto is dead.

In a good way and i’ll tell you what i mean in just a second but i want to let you guys know i’m super stoked because i’m in my new office my new house and i’m very excited to get back to making consistent content again now that i’m unpacked without further adieu if you are new to crypto if you are a seasoned veteran who is in serious pain from all of these downturn losses and this video is for you and if you watched any of my videos all the way till the very end this is one that you need to stick around for let’s hash it out.

Guys in the intro i said crypto is dead and i mean that in the truest sense of the word crypto as we know it is that it’s gone it’s never going to go back to the way that it was we’re not going to see the investing whatever you want and make games invest in any ico in the world and make games just because of the immense amount of hype that was surrounding cryptocurrency in 2017-2018 has really really really been a wake-up call for almost everyone in the market and it’s not as if you couldn’t make a profit this year because you could but the strategy to do so was totally a totally different and a lot of the things that people thought were going to happen didn’t happen including me i didn’t ever foresee this much catastrophe going on in crypto in 2018 but now looking back i actually understand why this is happened so let’s kind of deconstruct.

Going on and i can explain to you why i think crypto being dead in the true sense of the word is it good thing and guys when i say crypto is dead i mean in 2018 a lot of things changed it was no longer a viable strategy to basically close your eyes and shotgun invest in anything you could think of and make money you couldn’t hudl until the end of time and just make money it required a lot more effort a lot more planning a lot more research to succeed and even when you did those things and you did your due diligence you still may not have succeeded and that’s just so different than it was in 2017 when you could do no wrong investing in crypto no matter what it was and there were no rules repercussions or restrictions on ico’s and that includes people who represented ico’s there are tons of youtubers tons of influencers packed tons of business.

Who got on the podium in use their influence to convince people that ico’s that they were being paid by where a great investment and they made a ton of money and now a lot of people are sitting here realizing they lost a ton of money because they listen to these people and at the end of the day the sec has rules against that in the world of securities in stocks for a reason because it’s misleading you know you know a lot of course i would want to tell you that this icy over here is the best thing ever if they were paying me $100,000 or $30,000 for even $3,000 but i don’t do that type of thing because unless i truly believe in a project i wouldn’t make a video about it and people were breaking that trust with their audience consistently with representing ico’s and we’ve seen it happening we’ve seen the enforcement against floyd mayweather and our boy dj khaled we can’t continue that trend.

If crypto is going to succeed long-term take that another step further and think about how much infighting there is in crypto in a limited sense in fighting is okay because it means people are passionate about the project that they’re involved in a passionate about the things that they’ve invested and that’s good and competition is really good however to a certain and the competition becomes.

A problem a pr problem especially and the hash were the perfect example of that the half war became personal and it became almost violent in a way and that it does no good for the crypto community and at the end of the day we’re all sort of pushing for the same thing we’re all looking to help the same movement and i don’t understand why they’re so much fighting in so much hatred between everyone in the space because if we don’t band together this movements going to fall apart and that’s not what we need we need this movement to continue and we needed to succeed whether you think about the prophet hungry influencers who put money over the movement or you think about.

People who have fought with each other rather than use that energy to improve projects they’re passionate about or learn more about someone else’s opinion all these things have contributed over time and in 2018 to this catastrophe this catastrophic drop we’ve seen this crash the markets still so young there’s it’s still in infancy and the amount of growth that occurred in 2017 was far beyond what was reasonable and realistic for the valuations on almost every single cryptocurrency but guys there’s a silver lining here and it’s not all bad crypto may be dead the ico as we know it may be dead and a lot of the things that were used to in crypto might be dead.

But it’s true in business it’s true in almost every construct and just in humanity in general the greatest evolution always comes after a catastrophic event and i believe that were in that position right now this could be the platform on which we build the next wave of cryptocurrency and make it more successful than it has been to this date and if nothing else i hope that the community will come together more and it will work together more to improve any project that’s willing to play the game as i like to say and work towards the same thing because really like i’m said now is probably 50 times in this video we’re all really vying for the same thing and at least i hope you are because if you’re watching this video right now i hope you’re ready to join that movement i say in every single video join the movement to are distributed decentralized future.

What it’s all about it’s my honest belief that the absolute catastrophe we’ve seen in 2018 the all-time lows that we’ve seen in this year compared to 2017 and all the people who probably lost faith in this whole contract of cryptocurrency i think is going to create the next evolution for the movement the next evolution for cryptocurrency the work hasn’t stopped you know the aetherium developer community hasn’t stopped working you know the bitcoin community hasn’t stopped working in a bunch of these projects haven’t given up and the ones that have given up in the ones that have disappeared they clearly didn’t want it badly enough they clearly couldn’t do it and someone else will take their place because that’s the way that all of these things have always worked and it was the same as the internet way back in the day and i’m telling you guys for every one that thinks no regulation can ever help i will honestly tell you that.

I think the sec finally stepping forward and taking action against people who advertised ico’s people who didn’t disclose how much they were being paid to represent this ico on a youtube video or on social media it’s about time and it’s good for the market these people need to realize that this is not allowed it’s never been allowed in other securities at least not in recent past and not in recent history and there’s a good reason for that because.

It’s a conflict of interest if you don’t disclose to someone that you are being paid as an exorbitant amount of money to represent a product then they don’t know whether or not you’re being honest and not the biggest problem so many people lost so much money because they listen to people that they thought were trustworthy that actually weren’t.

And that’s why i’m actually happy for once about regulation coming into this market because it needs to it’s kind of one of those things where it’s like this is why we can’t have nice things we can’t have nice things in terms of the no regulation environment because people do bad things people take advantage of other people and that’s you know that’s why i say regulation within reason is sometimes necessary and that’s what we need here so don’t take the sec stepping forward and cracking down as a bad thing it’s a good thing and i think we will see that as time goes on as long as they don’t overstep and over-regulate because over-regulation never does anyone any good and again i’m not saying that you know institutional investors should be the only ones who can participate everyone should be able to participate it changes nothing about the way that i feel about what crypto means and who should be involved.

I don’t think in any way shape or form that this should be a limited movement in any way shape or form you want to invest no matter how much money you have no matter how many connections you have you should be able to invest but the sec dog need to step in and fix the ico problem i believe in in you guys the truly dedicated people in the space who are creating developing learning and in teaching other people because that is what we need we need people that are passionate about it it when the markets look like garbage when nothing seems to be going our way you’re still believing you’re still watching youtube videos with i appreciate it so much because i love making these videos but you still believe and that is the key for me so if you’re going to be riding into the crypto waves in 2019 even either as a new investor or as a seasoned investor or hack somebody who’s been in the space since 2009.

I have five tips for you that i think will really help going into 2019 and it is the biggest pieces of advice that i can think of right now to really go in with positivity into 2019 so let’s kick it off with number 1 and number one i’ve said it before on this channel but number one is do your research get educated and you know what it’s i’m going to take that a step further and say always be a skeptic when you see someone say something on youtube or you see someone say something on instagram no matter how much you will report you have with that person and i’m like no matter how much trust you may have are inherently feel always be a skeptic always look to do your own research about something get another opinion because of the end of the day it’s your decision it’s your money is your life your time all those things are important so just do as much research as you can and the more you know the better off you are that is my number one tip and it always will be number two is be kind to one another i can’t tell you the number of times i’ve been in youtube.

Comment sections or i’d even seen youtubers themselves fighting with each other about stupid stuff and pointing fingers and accusing it doesn’t really do any good at the end of the day the truth will out if you’re up to no good you will be found out eventually and if you conduct yourself with honor you will end up being in the eyes of the beholder a trustworthy person so that really should be all it’s about and if you love a project that someone else hates learn why they hate it and bite conversely if you hate a project learn why someone else loves it because that is ultimately how you learn the most by the baton you know the bass get heated but just be kind to one another hatred has no place in this space or any other space tip number three is learn from your mistakes i can’t tell you how important this is you know i’ve made so many mistakes investing in crypto i’ve made mistakes in videos when i misspoke or i didn’t do enough research on a certain topic and those.

It happened because we’re human beings what have you learned from your mistakes you’ll be in a much better position the next time he faced one of those situations that sounds cliche but in crypto especially it’s very important to this market is so new that you have to learn from your mistakes because you will make them and we all do so definitely learn from your mistake number for is another really important one and that is to know your limits i think in 2017 especially when people started coming into the retail space for crypto lot of people didn’t take or acknowledge their limits they didn’t understand the concept of not hyperextend not overextending themselves i know too many people who remortgaged a refinance their house who sold their car who took alacrity loan out on personal assets.

To buy into crypto and right now where they sitting out like they they’re in serious financial trouble and i hate that like it it’s terrifying to me that people have done that to themselves but not just to ourselves but to their families because we all have obligations we all have bills to pay we all have family of some kind that maybe we have to take care of or you know we will have families and we need to save money for those people who don’t overextend don’t invest more than you can afford just know your limits because you know any scale you can profit in this market and there’s no purpose and no reason no good reason to overextend yourself financially to get into this don’t get sucked into the fear of missing out it’s garbage you can invest as little or as much as you want within your limit and still do extremely well in crypto that is my promise obviously this isn’t financial advice but know your limits.

That’s a pretty reasonable thing for me to share with you but obviously take it with a grain of salt do your own research my fifth and final tip is something that i personally struggle with and that is to be patient patience is really difficult especially in this world of technology where everything is at our fingertips right away i definitely know how it feels to feel like you’re getting left behind or feel like bitcoin should be at 10000 by now or that you need to get your next paycheck so you can drop every cent of it into this coin that you think’s going to moon soon.

If you just kind of take a deep breath and kind of approach this with a slow and steady mindset which is something i like just now kind of figured out how to do you’ll be much better off in a long-term that’s my opinion being patient is important also that includes being patient for you know projects like you know neo with their new updates or etherium with her new updates i know technology move very fast but these things take a lot of time and you always want an update to a protocol to go without a hitch and to come out and be perfect rather than be half baked and blow up and kind of ruin everything because you know ultimately you only get one shot at it at a deployment in most cases so being patient is definitely definitely important.

Guys i’m going to reiterate it again because i think it’s so important that we all come together and join this movement and focus in on what the end goal is and focus in on what it is that brought us into the space in the first place and why were in it in the first place and if we do that and we think to ourselves that 2019 is going to be a much more positive year weather that brings more profit weather that brings new updates weather that brings brand new technology that we haven’t even seen yet it’s hard to say but it’s going to be better than 2018 in my humble opinion and i definitely think we have a hand and how everything plays out in 2019 so let’s band together and do that as best we can and guys always i want to thank you so much for watching my videos at truly doesn’t mean a lot i will be back to consistent content starting now and i didn’t want to announce my sticker winners from last week i will be showing the comments here on the screen for you to see.

If your name is here on the screen i will be reaching out to you via instagram or email or some other way as best that i can just shoot me a message back and let me know where to send your stickers and today the same rules apply if you want to win have shoshi stickers all you have to do is leave a comment below about anything crypto related about this video hack even about these stickers and you will be entered to win and i will show you out on next week’s video now guys i would really encourage you to check out some of my token talk tuesday videos that they’re a fantastic series in my opinion i would love for you to stick around and watch more of my content see you guys soon..

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