“huge companies starbucks, appl still investing in bitcoin, buy before 2019” – btc pro gives key tip

What is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today from the tank cash   also ball if you’re having a good one this video should be pretty darn exciting for a couple of good reasons first and foremost i’ll be explaining to all of you why some of your biggest and a favorite companies are soon to start investing in crypto and not just investing in but basically letting people use them in a big way so that’s coming up in this video if you like it go ahead and drop it like subscribe and share for more let’s aim for 300 likes and 5000 views and without further ado let’s go ahead and dive right in okc before we kick off the rest of the content and the expert opinions i want to go ahead and say that i personally think 2019 is going to be a huge year for not only bitcoin but for other cryptos a like essentially a lot of things are going to be happening and a lot of significant developments are going to be made first things first big.

Funny is going to be coming in at this point this is almost guaranteed and we have seen some major venture capital firms which i’ll be covering slightly later in this video getting into crypto in a huge way they’re pouring money in it day-by-day and they really aren’t slowing down now it like i said in previous videos at the pouring in of this money is not all that well covered these venture capital firms in these big banks like to be somewhat secretive when it comes to their investments so they’re not just going to come right out and sing we are putting money in x y and z because quite frankly sometimes they make money by keeping things quiet which isn’t always a good thing but it’s basically how things work so big money like i said is coming in and let’s look at the beginning of 2019 just as a reference point kicking things off in 2019 with the month of january of course that is set to launch which will bring big muddy companies such as microsoft apple and even starbucks into the.

Aerospace now i’ve covered back before but why exactly is this a big deal well-backed is basically backed so to speak no pun intended by some of the biggest names and finance infected the head of ice and the new york stock exchange is getting involved and that alone lends a lot of mainstream credence to cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin now backed is essentially going to work with microsoft and starbucks let’s use starbucks as an example here and other big companies to life consumers buy things using crypto on a day-to-day basis they’re going to essentially set up a framework that allows the common person to transact and krypto and that is good for the consumer and for the business of like the business can use it to lower the drag on transactions and consumers can kind of do the same thing now i don’t know about all of you but i would strongly consider paying for goods on a day-to-day basis and crypto even more so when the price has stabilized now i was.

Pretty darn gung-ho about buying things on a day-to-day basis with bitcoin when the price was sitting at a consistent about 6 grand right now i don’t know if i would be as excited about that prospect because the price is currently fluctuating a bit more than it was but i would still be definitely interested especially if it makes the process easier and i honestly believe that it will so this is something that is happening in early 2019 these big companies are experimenting a want and they’re going to be working together to essentially allow the consumer to transact in many common items that in and of itself is very exciting news now i also think that we could potentially see bitcoin and other cryptos come to apple pay that is just speculation of course but apple’s always working on their pay and wallet platforms and i think that if they see crypto as a viable payment option they will more likely than not at it which would be very exciting indeed and once again that is just speculation but it’s something that very definitely could happen so anyway that’s my little.

Turn on the video 2019 is looking quite nice and really i think that were poised for a good year so what exactly are the experts saying on this and big money getting in well let’s go ahead and take a closer look so sequoia baidu nasdaq and fidelity are monks don’t the largest venture capitals technology conglomerates and financial institutions to make big bets on crypto in the past week despite the beer market which is led major cryptocurrencies to lose about 80 to 90% in value on average both digital asset related businesses and blockchain protocols are raising tens of millions of dollars from high-profile institutions yes you heard that right tens of millions of dollars and that really shows us that the interest is still absolutely present on december 4th nasdaq the world’s second largest stock market operator in the world and fidelity the fourth largest asset manager in the global market invested in a crypto-currency exchange caldera sex that is spelled.

Prisx the company security 27.5 million-dollar funding round pretty impressive bloodline nasdaq ventures and fidelity investments in less than two months after it raised a funding round from td ameritrade the electronic brokerage giant valued at roughly thirty billion dollars so if you don’t think that these big-money companies are getting in or if your friends are saying that they aren’t at this is pretty much definitive proof that they are and that they are very interested these startups are raising millions of dollars millions so at the time jb mackenzie the head of futures and foreign exchange trade at td ameritrade investment in arasx demonstrates its interest in establishing a platform with which accredited investors and retail traders in the united states market can invest in cryptocurrencies in a fully compliant and protected ecosystem these companies want to facilitate training okay they’re not only interested in making money for themselves but they want to essentially allow people to transact it is secure.

Hey using their platform so mackenzie the head of future said and i quote we wanted to find something that brings cryptocurrency to customers were they can see it on an actual exchange something they feel comfortable within regulated space with a newly acquired capital are sachs ceo thomas chippers said that the company will begin to aggressively expand its team throughout the country to eventually provide support to institutional and individual investors in all 50 us states and on this ship is said quote with increasing financial support from the leading edge firms are sex scenes to provide the most robust secure and regulated digital asset offering available to both institutional and individual participants closing the second round of funding enables us to continue building our modern platform and expanding our team for nasdaq and fidelity investment in an emergency center like the crypto-currency exchange market regardless of the success and sustainability of the business is option approach with caution because deals.

Register 27.5 million dollar bread on air sacs demonstrate their confidence in the long-term growth of the sector they’re not getting in for the next week or the next month they’re putting money in for the long-term and that is a very good thing to see a major investment in cryptocurrency business during a period of uncertainty and doubt could very well rekindle the interest from investors in the global market for cryptocurrencies throw this year the crypto-currency market has shown signs of survivability and relatively high demand from individuals and institutions across the world showing a glimpse of hope to investors that have bet on the market based on the potential of the asset class in the long run and i am kind of one of those people so i have to agree with that this. show some very real promise high-profile deals like the nasdaq and fidelity led funding round could serve as a reaffirmation to potential investors that the industry surrounding the asset class is not a fad and that it will survive the bear market as it has.

Over the last nine years so anyway or crypto positivity coming to all of you i hope that all of you enjoyed and learned something if you did let me know what all of you think about this okay do you think of this big money will stick around or do you think of this is just a fleeting trend let me know what you’re thinking and as always drop your opinions in the comments section because your opinions are just as valuable if not more valuable than my own dropping this video like in subscribing really helps us out a ton and sharing with your buddies helps us out even more so with that being said i’ll see all of you in the next one have a grown folks in audios.

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