Whales massively accumulating ethereum big bull run in the future?

Hello and welcome to the cryptocurrency news channel they were going to talk about athyrium and he’ll how well they’re accumulating and how this might actually make a therium right now a good buy for a future boron and how it will affect your rc 20 tokens the ones that survived anyways i’m sure a lot of them have died in this crash for the ones that haven’t died this actually might lead to a bun next time around like 20 xr omg so busy this year’s been awful for basically the entire cryptocurrency market but actively trading wells have accumulated more aetherium this year than any time and it’s history now.

Up some blocks blockchain research analyzes that more than $5 children aetherium addresses to discover that whales who trade regularly or sitting on 80% more aetherium there at the start of the year and you can actually see the accumulation of aetherium from january 2017 to october or right now basically the whales have over 20 million aetherium or about 20% of the coin circulating supply and that’s four times that they had at the beginning of last year 2017 actually makes sense because there’s a lot of erc20 tokens or ico’s and as those i supposed to fall in value people have probably traded back into aetherium.

Power this leads to a lot of wales holding a bunch of aetherium that they have in cash out for fiat now eventually there’s going to be a boron i’m going to guess sometime next year and when that happens these were have an incentive to super hijacked at bull run for etherium because they hold so much of it and because of that they wanted him to go to a very high price so they can actually cash out for a lot of money so in the next boron we might see spikes for e t h because they’ve accumulated so much e t h during this time also let’s not forget that a bull run usually affects small tokens many of which are erc20 and as those tokens ride the value of aetherium will grow several. so that’s why you might actually see aetherium grow a lot more than bitcoin in the next boron and that’s because a lot of coins are actually attached to aetherium and as they appreciate the price of a.

I’m almost has to appreciate now i know that a lot of wealth of accumulator bitcoin at this time too so i don’t actually think like the accumulation will have too much effect on the price ratio but the fact that there are a bunch of these erc20 tokens that aren’t worth very much right now like pundi x y conmigo or omg that haven’t died in this fair market and that are prime to rise during a bull market really does help aetherium and as aetherium rides a lot of those tokens that may not seem to have a lot of used right now that are erc20 might actually just wake back up so for all the years he’s smollett erc20 tokens that don’t have a product or but that haven’t died of they’re still working on things right now i think the fact that the whales hold a lot of aetherium works in your favor working works in their favor because they will want a super jack up the price of aetherium in the next boron and as and since those coins are paired with aetherium those coins will always go up in prices.

Also it’ll be really nice for the entire ecosystem and i’m wondering how to all work out in the end because there are still hundreds of coins that are erc20 that haven’t died and all of those will basically build upon a theory and each other to lift the price up and the fact that the whales having sold these 20 million experium in the bear market means they’re holding on and they think there’s going to be a resurgence for aetherium in the time to come so definitely watch out for aetherium that’s why i at one of the reasons i don’t think it’s like that even though the technology i think is inferior to tron. cos right now because there’s a lot of old holders that hold it to him a lot of old project that are that are on a theory that is waiting for for a bull market to blow up and despite rhonda attempts to get aetherium products over to try on the still a lot of projects that are still on it. so that’s what i do on the market i think if your ears going to have a major bull run in the next bull market.

Because whales hold so much of it and they’re not going to cash out at a loss they’re going to pump it to him as high as possible before cashing out so you need to book a basically cashout .43 and cuz i need a lot of these whales they will pump up a theory of extremely high and then they’ll cash out in the price will start to crash then so you want to look out and basically not hold on forever forest. did a good cash out point maybe two-three thousand maybe like a no $2,000 or something in the next four on four aetherium to cash out at that point because at some point i bet these wheels are going to cash out in the price of going to start to go down during the next board i’m like it did during the last boron but i’m almost sure the price of aetherium the world skyrocket in the next boy run based on the accumulation by whales and the fact that they’re not willing to lose all their money and they want to make a lot of money so that’s the analysis for aetherium in news for today check out the free btc for xrp and free those my description also check out.

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