“you need to invest in bitcoin before 2019, it’ll explode higher than ever!” – btc ceo gives secret

What is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today at the national football if you are having a good one and welcome back to the channel if you’re new here welcome for the first time if your a returner i suppose welcome back returner that’s such a strange term i guess cash out dweller is more appropriate anyway with that being said i’m bringing all of you some more bitcoin positivity today so if the market got you down and you’re feeling a rough dump stick around here for a bit because hopefully i can raise your spirits so with that being said in today’s a video will be discussing another expert opinion and this expert actually thinks the bitcoin can retake it’s all time highs in 2019 and go even further beyond so i’m kind of inclined to agree with that just because i do know that we will be out of this rut before all that long market cycles are a thing and markets are really highly cyclical so with that being said i don’t think that way.

Stuck in this rut forever and we will recover stay strong keep holding on and with that being said before i go ahead and jump right in and drop this video like if you like it subscribe and share with your buddies for more let’s go for 250 like five thousand views and let’s go ahead and dive right in his price will likely reclaim or surpassed its all time high by the end of 2018 estimated maika’i ibori who is the ceo of a coal mine now guys i’m going to be honest with you i don’t honestly know how to pronounce that i think it’s cruel line or cruise line it’s spelled q u o i n e so basically if you know how to pronounce it typed that out in the comments section below i am interested in fairly curious to what you type out the phonetic pronunciation also put next to your comment you illiterate a crazy man because apparently i don’t know how to pronounce this it’s a bit of a weird word so i will give myself the credit for that but let’s go ahead and move on so the queen.

Goddess don’t know how to pronounce it chief told bloomberg in an interview that while it is difficult to predict how much time bitcoin would take to establish a new peak you sure it would touch it nonetheless adding that you believe bitcoins bonham is near ky amore stated that the market would not show any significant bullish corrections until the end of this year but after the new year a lot of catalase could influence a sustainable rally in the bitcoin market so let me go ahead and say i definitely agree with kaya more here okay the market probably isn’t going to be much more in the year 2018 2018 in this is crazy to say because it’s already the 6th 2018 is almost over we have about one month left before we move in the 2019 and generally speaking i think that the voice performance will be much more exciting in 2019 it far more exciting than it has been in 2018-2018 has so far been a pretty depressing year in terms of bitcoin movement 2018 has been the year of.

Correction 2017 was a pretty nice rise 2018 of pretty sad correction correction had to happen at some point or another it is more or less unavoidable as the market is cyclical and we need to see corrections after we see all time highs it only makes sense but i mean there are a lot of great factors going into 2019 that really do indicate that the coin will recover well okay back to comes to mind a big company that is essentially being started by the head of ice or the intercontinental exchange to allow comment consumers to transact in bitcoin every single day that’s a big deal this is the head of ice and also i believe the head of the new york stock exchange so it’s very exciting that this guy is so vocal about his support of cryptos it really shows me that there are many good things to come but i am worried also had a few great reasons of his own ass why bitcoin will surge in 2019 so let’s go ahead and investigate.

I was a bit closer so we started by saying japanese regulators are starting to open up again they’re going to approve new exchanges they’re going to approve new listings all of these things will start from the new year kai amore explain while linking the growing compliance with the influx of institutional investments into the bitcoin space and he went on to say and i quote the global trend is to accommodate these high frequency traders there’s going to be this a dealer’s brokers sort of agreement or arrangement and these people will be offering crypto to their retail customers and there are these otc brokers were over the counter brokers poopy providing services to institutional investors basically things are going to get a whole lot easier for big money players that went to start buying it and even the common people alike because remember adoption doesn’t only need to be coming from these big money people it also needs to come from the mainstream but i think services like that it will really improve.

Bitcoin dude of course join the list of worst performing cryptoassets this year especially in november during which the digital currency lost 37% of its market capitalization since its plunge investors have expected the market to bottom out and rebound strongly nevertheless a strong resistance levels continue to camp the latest upside correction two temps indicating that the bears can still breach bloating newfound support near $3,500 i don’t necessarily know if we will see that but if we do i wouldn’t be extremely surprised but i would like to say that the bottom will be found fairly soon so the interview with kai amore so i can sit herbal time spent on discussing these so-called bottom and how my tears were discontinuing their bitcoin mining operations siding losses due to lower than ever bitcoin token value what kind we recognize that the digital currency drillers were not able to earn back your principal investments he thought the development in a broader sense was actually positive this is something that not a whole lot of people are talking about so let’s go ahead and.

Get his opinion on mining and he said on mining and i quote if there are enough minors that are going out of business that means equilibrium is near when you look at how markets overshoot both up and down you can probably say it’s close to the bottom you’re very good point there i like what he’s saying so what are some other factors that could show an all-time high being established once again in 2019 well according to a recently published a teacher and a report bitcoin will likely recapture the biggest portion of the crypto-currency market in 2019 as many worthless coins and ico’s call it quits the growing regulatory scrutiny would make it difficult for new projects to raise funds were freely bringing investors focus back to the original cryptocurrency which would do a whole lot of good at least in my opinion consolidation would probably be a great thing as refocusing right now could really lead to some good games so another factor okay and meanwhile all this has been going on.

Whether the federal reserve hiked interest rates or not should also have a direct correlation with the future bitcoin price action rising interest rates have cooled off speculation all across the market in 2018 not just in bitcoin okay this is going on across the world there for a positive interest rate could bring investors bank to the crypto market so just played every strong fundamental factor the value of bitcoin accoutrement unpredictable mainly because it is a new uncontrollable asset class putting an original price tag on bitcoin is more about what the digital currency is today and what it could be in the future not necessarily the day-to-day transactions or the day today price unfortunately the market doesn’t really have a skill to measure that at least not yet so what is another little tidbit of positivity for all of you hope it all if you enjoyed and learn something if you did absolutely feel free to drop a video like subscribe and share with your buddies those things really help the channel out a ton and they helped bring it.

A lot of new people to the content and let me know what your opinions are because your opinions matter just as much if not more than mine so i’ll see all of you in the next video thank you all for joining me in today’s video have a good one folks keep it classy and audios.

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